About Us

Craftsman Center for the Trades is a student-centered, grassroots educational institution that is focused on redefining the trades, breaking generational poverty to provide generational wealth, and partner with stakeholders to better serve the people we serve. We’re here to transform the trades industry through transforming lives and supporting students to improve the world around them. 

Our History

Sam Dowdy Sr. and Sam Dowdy Jr., a Father-Son Duo, had a dream to build a trades school where students are provided avenues to create generational wealth. After volunteering in school districts to support the trades and working with employees that wanted to further their education in the trades, the Dowdys took a leap of faith. After many prayers and conversations, in 2023 Craftsman Center was launched. Understanding the trades, they felt compelled to have a President that knew the schools side of the dream. Hiring their inaugural President and working with local school districts, the Dowdy duo set out to engage in integrating the fruition of their dream and vision of a trades school. Working with multiple partners, stakeholders, and supporters, the center was created and the first class of students started. 

Facts about Craftsman Center

Headquartered in Eastern Williamson County Texas, Craftsman Center is currently growing enrollment for the trade of plumbing. 

Board of Directors

First NameLast NameTitle for Board
SamDowdy Sr.Founder & Board Member
SusanFaykusBoard Member
DianaPhillipsBoard Member
SamuelDowdy Jr.Founder & Board Member
Dr. LindsieAlmquistPresident

Redefining the Trades

Become a Journeyman: Earn as you learn with our Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship; You must be at least 16 years of age.

Become a Tradesman: Be enrolled as a high school student for a four year plumbing CTE program with one of our partner school districts for four years.

Craftsman Center students share a common desire to redefine the trades. Many of our students are working individuals, trying to provide for their families, and ensuring ends are met. Some of our students are facing familial, health, family, and/or financial struggles as well as a host of other real life issues that impact their lives substantially.

We are in existence to serve our trade students. We exist to provide teaching, learning and care to support and serve to break generational poverty and improve the lives of those enrolled. 

If you want to be a partner to substantially improve the lives of students in the trades, we want to partner with you. If you want to be the trades student that is wanting to change your trajectory and/or improve yourself, we want to walk alongside you. If you want to be a part of something that is unique, lacks red tape and works to serve students and redefine the trades, welcome home. Walk with us and let’s move the needle to support students and improve the lives of those we serve.